Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Big 3-1

Well, I am officially 31 years old. Whew, time just goes by so quickly. I feel like it was yesterday that I was learning to drive and now I spend my day driving my OWN three children around. 
I had a wonderful birthday weekend with my family. The weekend started with a date night for Brad and I (thanks again dad and Kelly for keeping the kiddos). My dad made me a picnic table for our back yard for my birthday. I love it. It will be fun to take pictures each year and see how big the kids get while eating fun meals hanging by the pool each year!!!
The next day we had a party here at the house with my mom, Granny, Jason kameron, mollie, Henley and my hubby and kiddos. We swam, ate yummy fajitas and my mom made a delicious red velvet cake. Yummy. It was wonderful. The kids swam forever and jumped on the trampoline. So much fun!

That evening we had a severe thunderstorm with 96 mile and hour winds and hail. We no longer have a trampoline. It was sucked out of our back yard and we have no clue where it ended up. It's no where in our subdivision. It's probably 2 counties over. Sheesh. Man, we were having so much fun with that trampoline. The boys are super sad. Crazy. We are thankful we didn't have more damage than we had. We will probably need a new roof and our fence is leaning, and after we fished all our patio furniture out of the pool, I think we are all cleaned up. Sheesh. 

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