Friday, June 13, 2014

Power of Prayer

I'm going to start writing out my prayers for the kiddos. I have journaled my prayers in the past and I love being able to look back and see the hand of God in specific areas of my life. I am having a difficult time with Paxton lately and I realized today that I haven't prayed over the issue nearly as much as I've talked about it. 

I pray over Paxton. Oh Lord please guide me as his momma. I am weary. I feel defeated. I am spent. Please guide him and help him to be kind and happy. Oh Lord, I would love to see him happy and not so scared of anything new. I would love to see him make friends and be friendly. He gets so easily frustrated. He argues and cries at so much. It breaks my heart to think he is as miserable on the inside and he portrays on the outside on some of his most difficult days.  I desperately need less battles everyday. I pray he is happy. I pray he is obedient. I pray he is kind and fun to be around. I pray you would open my eyes to see what he needs and how to love him in the ways he longs for. I pray for patience without you having to test my patience even more. I pray for perspective and guidance to know which battles to truly fight and when to just let go. I pray that I will speak kindness and Grace even when I am beyond frustrated. I pray that I will seek the good in him and praise him when he is making good choices. I pray for energy and strength. I pray for the tools I need to be the best momma I can be. 

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