Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Harper is 2

Our little Harper Grace is two! How in the world is that possible? How has she only been a part of our lives for two years? How did the rest of us ever make it through a single day without her in it? It seems like yesterday she was our tiny 5 pound itty bitty baby and now she is a babbling, walking, running, exploring, temper tantrum, the best huger, baby loving, two year old!
We started the weekend off with my best friend Sarah and her twins coming to visit and celebrate with us! It was so much fun. I always love watching the 5 of our kiddos playing together and I look forward to nap times when Sarah and I get uninterrupted girl time!!
We played at the mall

A yummy dinner at Rosa's was a must!

We even braved a trip to Target with all 5 in tow.  I've never received more crazy looks than I did when I was pushing this basket-o-babies.
The next day we played at Jump-n-Jungle and then prepared the house for the birthday party!!
I decided on a Flamingo theme for Harp's party since we were doing it pool side! It was so much fun. The decor was cute and miss Harper was adorable and loved on by so many!!!
The 5 kiddos all decked out in their flamingo swimsuits...ready to Party!!!

Sweet sweet friends
Probably my favorite picture of all time! 

sweet snuggles with Aunt Kim

Brad was super sweet and brought her some pretty flowers for her big day!! Melt my heart

She LOVED them

Ha. I thought these flamingo coasters were so cute....Brad humored me

How is it possible that she is 2?

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