Monday, July 7, 2014

Cayman Island

The week prior to Harper's birthday, the 5 of us had the amazing opportunity to travel to the Cayman Islands. Brad had business meetings there and the rest of us were lucky enough to tag along to visit the most beautiful beach I have ever seem. We were also fortunate enough to have my mom travel with us (3 kids and only one momma on the beach is zero fun for anyone). The beach was stunning. The clearest and calmest ocean water I have ever seen! The water was so clear that the kids could see the fish swimming around without even having to go under water. Maddox, of course, snorkelled and loved seeing the fish close up! We were also able to feed the fish bread each morning. They would jump out of the water and eat the bread out of your hands! So much fun! Harper loved it and kept calling the fish "doggies". One of the fish actually nibbled on her finger trying to get a piece of bread and she just laughed. She had tiny little fish teeth bite marks on her fingers and she wasn't phased a bit!! Paxton was true to form and laid low a little during this part, but he still enjoyed it as long as he was holding on to someone!! He did however get super brave in the swimming pool while we were there. He decided he wanted to learn to swim without his floaty     He is pretty amazing! No more floaty for him, he is quite the fish now!!
We had such a wonderful time and I can't wait to go back!!!

Such an amazing trip with unforgettable memories!!! 

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