Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting Some Help from Maddox

Hello all from the chilly, windy, and currently quiet Kalivoda house (it is nap time, hence the didn't really think I was able to blog while Maddox was awake did you....haha) It has been very chilly here the last few days; therefore, we have been staying inside for the most part and doing a lot of playing in the house. There was one day this week that was a "learning" day for Maddox as he decided he would NOT listen to Mommy and would stare her straight in the eyes and do the exact opposite of what was being told or asked; however, after what seemed like an entire day of disciplining, he has discovered that when Mommy asks you to do something, she is not playing a funny game and he has done so much better. I am so proud to watch him push the boundaries and learn from it...that's what little boys are supposed to do (sometimes I have to remind myself of that)

He has recently been helping me reorganize some of our things in the guest room and the hallway closets (those are our storage spaces and they have become ridiculously messy). This little boy loves to "help" and wants to be right in the middle of whatever you are doing at any given time. I try to soak all of this up because I know will be a short while before he does not want a whole lot to do with me, especially helping me clean!!!

Just in case you were curious on what it looks like to have Maddox help me sort through some ski clothes, here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure......

And, just for giggles, here is a picture from this summer when Maddox helped me put away our rock band stuff....oh I just love this picture.


The Henry's said...

Joshua is in that stage! I have spend the majority of the day discipling him... time out.. he hates those! Since he is having a hard time NOT hitting, spankings are not the best choice... its hard!

Dustin & Kate said...

Those are adorable pictures!