Sunday, October 18, 2009

You Might be a Toddler if.....

Once again I am learning more and more by watching this little boy of ours explore and discover the world. I love that he finds pleasure in the simple things that I can so easily take for granted.

You Might be a Toddler if.....

You crack up laughing when you see a dog in the back of a pick up truck

You find complete joy from watching birds in a parking lot, on a back yard fence, in the front yard...anywhere...birds are funny creatures to watch hop around.

Any music is fun to dance to if you allow yourself.

A spare key can be used for fun all can be used as a screw driver, to fix all sorts of thing and it is super fun to see if the key will fit in any door lock you come across.

When asked what color something is, the response is always "green" (even if you know the difference).

The neighbor's house that has Halloween decorations outside (orange lights on the roof, and pumpkins hanging down) is the coolest thing you have ever seen.

Drinking out of mom's cup is way better than drinking out of your own.

Watching someone mow the yard provides hours or entertainment (okay, well you know good and well NOTHING will provide hours of entertainment, but 10 minutes is great)

When seeing any motorcycle you must make the noise a motorcycle is a must!!!

It is very hard to understand why every animal you see (ducks, squires, dogs, cats...etc.) aren't okay to try to pick up...I mean come on who doesn't want to be "loved" on by a toddler???

Construction vehicles are not an inconvenience and slow mommy down from heading wherever we are needing to go, they are pure excitement and often provide meltdowns because you want to watch them dump rocks or tar more and more and more!!!

You are a big boy, very independent, but if you fall or get hurt you want your mommy to kiss it and make it better....followed by a little snuggle time, just to make sure everything is okay.

An afternoon spent with daddy is better than any jungle gym around!!

When is the last time you danced just because you were "feeling it???"

We also wanted to congratulate our Red Raiders on there big win this weekend!!! Way to go Red Raiders. We sure had fun watching you play this weekend on TV!!! Get your Guns up!!!


The Henry's said...

That video of maddox dancing is so cute! Joshua does the same thing! They should be friends!....

Kameron and Jason Fellers said...

AAAhhhhhh I love it! What a little rock star! So cute!

LovelyLadyCakes said...

love him dancing. I will be expecting a choreographed song and dance for Thanksgiving..LOLOL...See you soon!!!