Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Maddox

Happy Birthday Maddox!! Sweet Maddox boy you turned 3 on January 8th! Sheesh, time sure has gone quickly. I cannot believe how fast this past year has gone by and how big you are getting everyday! You are SO smart, clever and funny!! You make me laugh on a daily basis and your little brother thinks you are hilarious!! You have such a sweet spirit about you and you can be so kind and loving if the mood fits you! I guess that is one of the challenges we are facing these days as we enter into your 4th year of are very aware of your emotions and don't always know the proper way to express them. You are a ball of energy and a boundary pusher! You are still very strong willed, but lately that will has helped you discover ways to be are now able to undress and dress yourself (although the shirt on and off is still a little difficult, you are very persistent). You love to have someone play with you and would much prefer to have company than to be alone! You are learning that your little brother really likes YOUR toys; thus we are learning to share and to be kind even when we are annoyed! You are so sweet to Paxton and you try so hard to make him happy if he is upset.
This past year you have grown UP so your last birthday you were wearing size 2T clothes and now you need mostly 4T for length! You have also grown up in the sense of maturity.You listen well (most of the time) follow directions well...although you often get distracted, you have good intentions most of the time, and you can carry on full conversations like a grown up. Sometimes, it is hard for me to remember that you are ONLY 3!
You are a sweet sweet little boy our dear Maddox and we are so thankful that the Lord blessed our lives with you and chose us to be your parents! I pray you come to know, love and serve our Lord at a very early age. I pray you grow strong, smart and compassionate. I pray you and your brother have an unbreakable bond and friendship and I pray the relationship you have with your daddy grows stronger and stronger everyday. I pray that you will remain my baby boy forever!

Toy Story 3,
3rd Birthday

Ready to Play
Toy Story 3 Party Favors

The '3' cookies my mom and I made
Isn't this cake awesome!! Brad's mom made it for Maddox...he was very excited
Super fun Bouncy House
Booty  Bounce
Opening Presents

"Oh WOW!!"
Super excited about ALL his new stuff...thanks again everyone for spoiling our little man
"Happy birthday Dear Maddox...Happy birthday to you"
Maddox and sweet Spencer
Our family of 4....Paxton's shirt was buzz light year and Maddox was Woody

My mom and Paxton

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LovelyLadyCakes said...

you were right super small, but I totally squinted..LOL... that cake looks awesome she is so good!!! and the 3 cookies, love them. I bet it was a blast and Maddox loved every min of it! xoxo miss ya guys,,,