Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh Silly Maddox

Most of you know that Maddox is a smart and clever little man. From birth you could tell his mind is ALWAYS working. As an infant he was always so serious and simply observed all the things around him. He was rarely content playing because he always wanted something more or different or would get frustrated if he couldn't figure something out. To this day he is very observant and remembers EVERYTHING (no joke. This kid remembers things from when he was a year old. We are trying to teach Paxton how to drink out of a sippy cup and Maddox pointed out at the store which cup he used to learn how to drink out of a cup....most of the time these long term memories kind of creep me out...I mean for goodness sake he is only 3 years old, but he constantly blows my mind!! His amazing memory makes it VERY difficult to distract him from things. He is so determined and does not forget what he was attempting to do or get into!)
While I am challenged by him on a daily basis, I love to watch and listen to him learn and observe!

Fun things he has done/said lately:

Maddox picked up a toy phone and said "Daddy, I'm going to call Jesus and see if He wants to come over for dinner" (I love that he is gaining a longing for Jesus)

While riding in the car with Daddy, Maddox said "Hey Daddy, I have a drum set! Do you want a drum set? It is pretend so you will have to put it together in your mind. Here Daddy, here are the instructions!!" (Seriously gotta love this kid)

While running errands with me, Maddox looked across the road and noticed that back corner of his school from the highway (keep in mind, we have NEVER been to the back of his school so he would have to assume what the back would look like) and he exclaimed "Look Mommy, there is my school way over there" (Sure enough, you could see the back corner of his school building that I had never noticed that you could see from the highway).

The other evening Maddox and Brad were able to go see Monster Trucks (Maddox LOVED everything about this fun outing with daddy) and the parking lot was very full. Brad could tell that Maddox was looking around and observing every small detail about that parking lot. When it was time to leave (almost 3 hours later), Brad mentioned to Maddox that he wasn't sure where he had parked. Maddox quickly responded "Don't worry Daddy, we are over there by the Texas Tech sign" (Sure enough, that was exactly where they had parked their car in that very full parking lot!)

Now this kid keeps me on my toes and challenges me every single day, but at the end of the day, there is no other way I would like to be challenged and I pray that the Lord gives me all the tools and wisdom I need to guide this smart, clever and spirited little boy and I pray I guide him to become the man the Lord created him to be!!

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