Friday, January 21, 2011


Raising kids is fun and very challenging, especially when their name is spelled M-A-D-D-O-X..haha..I kid, I kid, well, sort of. The stage we are currently in is best summed up as the stage of constant negotiation. When you have a strong willed and super smart kid on your hands, like we do, he knows WAY more than he should and is constantly trying to negotiate HIS way or how he best sees fit. It does not matter what is being asked of him, he will immediately argue and desire a different way to achieve said task. I suppose a lot of  this came from my parents used to tell me I could "argue the paint off a wall." Apparently, I too liked to argue and I suppose I turned out alright....whew, it sure can be exhausting though (sorry mom and dad for all the unneeded arguing I initiated.)
While the constant negotiating and arguing is exhausting, this stage in Maddox's life is also HILARIOUS!! When Maddox was at "school" this week, they were playing in the gym. His teacher noticed him riding a scooter and he stopped for a good while. She was worried something was wrong so she went over to him and asked him if he was okay. He responded in a matter of fact manner and said "Um yeah, I'm at a stop light" HAHAHAH...smarty pants!! I love how smart and observant he is.

My current prayer as I press forward on this journey of parenthood with two precious and boys is that I can learn to mold their strong and often challenging will without crushing their curious, amusing and ambitious spirits!!

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