Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Can you guess why the number 6 plays an astonishingly significant role in our family at the moment.

Could it be because this particular number is both the month and day of my birthday? While this is certainly true, it is not astonishingly significant at this time.

Could it be the average length of time I have slept in the past several nights? Well, this is not entirely true either. In fact, if you divide the number 6 in half you have a more accurate account of the consecutive length of sleep I have obtained the last few evenings. Bummer.

Could it be significant because it is the size shoe I wear on my little feet who feel the need to be in flip-flops this week because we are going to have some 80 degree weather....almost a 100 degree increase in the past week. Crazy. But no, while astonishing, it is not significant today.

So, what is the significance of this particular peculiar number 6?
       Well it would be the number of teeth that our youngest babe is working on receiving ALL at one time! I know this is astonishing and highly significant! Poor little guy. I guess 5 is too few and 7 is simply too many!!

Anyone for some popcorn??

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