Friday, February 11, 2011

Ready for some Sunshine

We've had a few very interesting weeks in the Kalivoda house lately. With the subzero temperatures we unable to get out of the house for several days, which made things a little intense as we all enjoy getting out and about and at least enjoying the sunshine while riding in the car for a little while!
While it was difficult to keep two boys occupied all day indoors for several consecutive days, we managed to find some new activities and enjoy the time as a family.

We filled a cookie sheet with cheerios and let Maddox fill up one of his trucks and dump them out on the cookie sheet!! He had a great time.

Paxton also enjoyed playing with eating the cheerios while Maddox played

On one day Maddox colored a picture for Daddy and learned how to draw the letter 'M'

I dressed our baby cub in a super cute bear outfit and he was less than thrilled about it

Jovee (our dog) enjoyed time with the boys and followed Paxton around everywhere

Brad and Maddox enjoyed playing with every toy imaginable

Sweet baby blue is now the proud owner of two bottom teeth

(Can you see his pearly whites?)

Maddox enjoyed a nice horseback ride throughout the house. He even told us that there was room for us to ride beside him. He assured us there were seat belts on this horse so we would be safe (way to listen to your momma sweet boy)

Oh and yeah, we had to do a few of these breathing treatments because nasty RSV hit our house pretty hard. 

Whew, I sure am ready for a few days outside :)

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