Monday, February 21, 2011

Not so Happy 10 Months, Little P

Well Mr. Paxton decided to celebrate turning 10 months old by coming down with the Flu! Bummer! Someone needs to inform this little guy that special days are for celebrating, not getting sick (he celebrated Christmas by coming down with croup). Sadly, there is nothing they can do for the little man because he is too young for any of the medicine out there, so we will rotate between Tylenol and Motrin and keep him as hydrated as possible (luckily, he has not refused to eat too much, so this has helped). Please pray the rest of us don't come down with the nasty bug!

Paxton is growing and changing so quickly. What are You up to these days Mr. P

You weigh 22.8 pounds according to the scale at the doctor's office today fully clothed and with shoes on
You wear size 4 diapers
size 12 month clothes
size 3-3 1/2 shoe
Still on Similac Alimentum Formula (A.K.A. Liquid Gold)
Eating chunkier foods and using your jaw to chew/chomp your food...your favorite foods are sweet potato, home made apple sauce, and yogurt

You are my little climber. You want so desperately to walk right now, but you can't seem to figure out how to get up on your feet. You do more of a tall bear crawl and push yourself up on your hands and just look back at your's pretty funny to watch, but you get so frustrated that you cannot stand up right yet!

You love to crawl under things...chairs, tables, anything that has a large enough space for you to get your head through and you try desperately to get the rest of your body to follow. You are constantly getting stuck underneath something, but it does not stop you from exploring.

You are so content to play with a few toys by yourself. You like to know that people are around, but you don't demand that people play with you unless you are ready to be held, then someone better be ready to stop what they are doing and pick you up!!

You  were sleeping so well through the night until last month when you caught RSV. We had just gotten you settled back into a night time routine this past week, and now you have the nasty flu bug so it looks like we will have to train you how to sleep through the night once again. It breaks my heart that you have been so sick this year, and yet it makes me so thankful that these are only minor illnesses...we are so blessed to have two perfectly healthy little boys!

You continue to laugh, smile and talk all the time. You are a fun loving baby and you LOVE your momma. I love that you snuggle so tightly on my chest when I hold you and it is hilarious how bashful you get around other people.

Paxton James, these past 10 months with you have flown by. We love you more and more every day and we are so thankful for you and your sweet spirit!!

Poor baby! You can tell by his eyes that he just doesn't feel good...still a cute little fella!
Attempting to learn to drink out of a big boy cup; however, the cup is used more as a teething toy more so than a drinking devise....all in due time I suppose!

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