Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Similarities

The other day when I posted a picture of Paxton and Jovee I realized I had a picture of Maddox and Jovee that looked similar. I then decided to look at the boys at the same age and it is fun to see some of the physical similarities. (The way the boys look is the most similar, their personalities are so different from each other and are getting more and more diverse the more we get to experience Paxton's personality. Maddox was such a serious child who rarely smiled or laughed, he just wanted to observe everything going on around him, and never wanted to play independently (he always wants an audience) while Paxton is light hearted, is easily amused and laughs and smiles frequently, he is very sensitive, enjoys getting into everything and he is happily content to play independently. I just love how similar and different these two precious boys are and how perfect the two of them are for our family!!

Now for some pictures to see what YOU think!!

Maddox (5months) with Jovee

Paxton (9months) with Jovee

Maddox (9months) first picture of his two bottom teeth

Paxton (9months) first picture of his bottom teeth

Maddox 9months

Paxton 9 months

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