Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just a few Pictures

Maddox playing with Play dough. This kid LOVES play dough and will play it for hours

My little part Irish boys sporting their awesome St. Patrick's Day shirts that Grandma Voda got for them. They were precious

aww, would have been a perfect picture if Mr. Paxton wasn't so bored with the photo shoot and could keep his pretty blue eyes open. Oh well, I still think its a cute picture

Mr. P playing on Maddox's work bench. Paxton LOVES this bench and makes a break for Maddox's room any time he sees the door open.

My little stinker

Currently my favorite picture

Oh this picture cracks me up!! First of all, Brandon does NOT like to hold babies, I think they kind of freak him out with all their unpredictable movements and loud noises, so this picture is priceless. Oh silly Paxton, soon enough you will learn how much trouble fun you can have with Uncle B.

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Jocelyn said...

your boys are so stinking cute...can't belive I am about to have 2 as well...I love all the pics and agree with you of the one with brad and paxton!

No advice on the 3s yet...but some days I feel the same about two...lots of prayers for patience here as well :) You're not alone!