Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Today... we are all healthy!
Today.... Maddox got to go to school
Today.... he was very happy about that decision!
Today....I got to eat a yummy lunch with my super handsome husband (and our adorable youngest child)
Today....my house is getting deep cleaned and hopefully all the nasty winter germs will finally give us a break. (Seriously, since December we have encountered: Croup, 4 ear infections, 2 sinus infections, 1 case of RSV, 3 separate cases of the flu, and bilateral pink eye....sheesh)
Today...the sun is shining and the warmth feels wonderful
Today....I feel refreshed, renewed, and ready for whatever comes our way
Today....is the first day of March, only 20 more days until Spring
Today....little P was found standing in his crib after his morning nap
Today.....I am looking for wedding songs for my sister-in-laws wedding...yippee!!
Today.....I am starting the party planning for the youngest Voda's 1st birthday
Today...I enrolled our Big guy in Preschool
Today.....I am fighting back tears as I realize how quickly my boys are growing up on me
Everyday....I am thankful for my amazing husband and our 2 wonderful little boys and all the testosterone that has taken control of our house!!!

Today...I have discovered some pictures on my mom's computer that were just too cute not to post!!
My mom and Maddox baking

Maddox and Granny celebrating their January Birthdays

So precious blowing out the candles at the same time

Having fun, the tongue says it all

Wrestling with daddy

Paxton enjoying a snack...sweet boy!!

Sweet little Bear Cub

I hope you have a blessed day, Today!!!


Jocelyn said...

glad to hear you are haveing a good week! I enjoyed hanging out with your bro and sis-in-law and had to check in on you as a result :)
the boys are soooo cute and getting sooo big!

LovelyLadyCakes said...

how cute, I noticed the 3 cookies! He is super cute with the short hair! miss you guys...