Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Keeping Up

Maddox has discovered a new love in his little life. This boy LOVES to ride his bike and he is getting really good at it. When he first started riding, we had to constantly remind him to pay attention to riding and not looking down at the wheels....he was trying to figure out how his bike worked and now, if you ask him he can tell you EVERYTHING about how the wheels move, what the chain does...I am telling you, this kid is SO smart and always wants to know how things work!  Well, now that he knows how everything works, he likes to go, go, go...and he goes fast, fast, fast!

Pure determination in those big brown eyes of his

Aww, there is the smile we know and love!

Now, while it is fun to watch Maddox discover his bike and his ability to ride it with pride, poor little Paxton is trying to hard to KEEP UP with his big brother and it has become quite the challenge for little P. Pax is  getting more and more mobile, but he is at the stage in development where he desires more than his body is able to let him. We are busting out some new toys for the little guy in hopes that he will also enjoy being outside without getting so frustrated!!

Here he is riding sitting on his ride on toy...he is still pretty wobbly on it and a little afraid of the noises it makes, but he liked sitting on it for a little while. I am sure when he figures out how to scoot on it, he will like it a lot more!

Aww, teething on the pack-n-play while big brother rode his bike

Now, here is the best $20 investment we have spent on this little man. A Walker!! He LOVES this thing and his new found freedom and ability to KEEP UP with his brother! He already knows how to get where he is wanting to go, and he too goes fast, fast, fast!! 

Now, if only we could find a new toy for me that would help me KEEP UP with these two active boys!!!

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Konni said...

Maddox is going to lose his lips! Love you guys.