Saturday, January 14, 2012

Paxton's Speech

I just wanted to give an update on sweet little Paxton. Paxton has started his speech therapy (we have now seen the therapist 3 times) and is making great progress. This past week he has taken off with his vocal abilities and he is making more and more noises everyday. The main goal for him at this point is to get his little mouth moving. We have fun tongue tricks and random noises that we try to get him to make throughout the day to simply get his tongue used to moving and making noises. He is much better at mimicking Maddox than he is anyone else and luckily Maddox NEVER stops talking, so we are able to use him a lot to help Paxton (Maddox loves it).
The other evening while I was getting Paxton ready for bed I was trying to get him to repeat words after me (he NEVER repeats anything I say to him), he repeated several words and it almost blew me away. I was so proud of him!
He now can say:
maddox "bubba"

I would like to mention that these words that he is "saying" are not all that clear to anyone else, but I know his new language and it is just such a huge step that he is attempting to say anything at all and we are so very proud of him!!!

Also this week Paxton has been SO much happier and content. He has played well, laughed and adapted  well to his surroundings. My Aunt Kay and cousin Konni were in town this weekend and normally it takes Mr. P several hours to warm up to someone (if he ever warms up); however, he was never freaked out and enjoyed the company!! YIPPEEE!!!

I realize all of these new changes this week many not be permanent and we more than likely have a lot of work ahead of us, but I am so thankful for the progress with our sweet little boy!! Great job Paxton!!

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