Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Surprise! We are pleased to announce that the Kalivoda family will be growing from 4 to 5! Little baby Voda is due July 25, 2012. We are super excited and anxious to watch our little family grow some more.
Maddox is SO excited that we are having another baby and is certain that we are having a baby girl and he really wants a sister (which I think is simply adorable). Paxton is unaware of the fact that his little world is going to change in the near future, but I am sure he too will be a great big brother

Interestingly, Maddox and Paxton are 27 months apart in age. Paxton and this baby will also be 27 months apart. Crazy!

So far this pregnancy has been a little intense. I am currently 12 weeks and this first trimester has made me feel icky icky. I have been super nauseous most of the day, everyday. (Although, thankfully, I have recently started feeling better more frequently). We have had a few scares with random bleeding and cramping, but each ultrasound looks great and the baby is developing right on track. They just can't seem to locate where I am bleeding from and the current consensus is that I might just bleed throughout the pregnancy. EEK. It's just so unnerving because I am not sure when to be concerned and when to just chalk it up to another strange pregnancy.
We have an ultrasound the last week in January to simply make sure everything is looking okay and see if they can locate the source of the bleeding.

While adding a new baby to the family seems a little overwhelming at times, I am already falling in love with this little being growing inside of me. We are beyond blessed and we are praying for guidance as we prepare our boys for a new little one!!

Pregnancy Stats with Baby Voda #3

How far along? 12 weeks
Size of baby: 1.75-2.4 inches
Total Weight Gain/Loss: -1 lb
Maternity Clothes: No, not yet, but soon I am sure
Gender: We have no idea (Maddox is certain its a girl)
Name: We will name it when we know the gender (I already have names picked out, its simply convincing Brad)
Movement: still too soon
Sleep: Pretty restless at night. I always have insomnia with my pregnancies
What I miss: Not feeling sick to my stomach
Cravings: Oranges
Symptoms: Bleeding, cramping, light contractions
Best moment this week: Seeing our little miracle on an ultrasound

Our littlest one is the size of a large lime and weighs about 8 grams!
Our oldest holding our youngest

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The Curry's said...

Congrats! You are brave! I go back and forth hourly on if I want another one...but anytime I see a newborn I am DYING for another one! I am excited for your family!