Monday, November 2, 2009

Always Learning

Once again, the Lord is using this precious little boy to teach me more and more about His love and faithfulness. Let me attempt to put into words what the Lord showed me today. Maddox has entered a phase for a while now where he will drop or throw things that he actually wants and then get upset if he cannot reach them (when he is in his car seat, high chair or crib). Lately he has started to throw Raffie (his lovie, blanket, best friend) out of his crib and then he gets upset because he cannot get him back until I come in and give him to him. Well, this reminds me of my relationship with the Lord. Just like Maddox loves his Raffie and wants him by his side at all times, he has a laps of judgement and thinks for a second "I'll be okay if I throw him out of here for a little while. I don't have to have Raffie with me in my crib." Then Maddox immediately regrets that decision and needs help getting him back. My relationship with Christ is often somewhat similar. I love the Lord and want Him with me all through the day and night. I need Him to guide me, be my friend and love on me; however, there are times when I let myself think "Oh, I am sure I can handle this on my own. I don't have to have Jesus with me right now, I'll be fine." And more often than I like to admit, I push Him aside and attempt to live my life alone; however, I immediately regret that decision and desperately call for Him back. Now, unlike Maddox and Raffie, the Lord is right there as soon as I ask. Thank you Jesus for blessing our lives and showing us more and more of your love and faithfulness

Here are a few pictures from a couple weekends ago when we visited the Vodas!!!

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Dustin & Kate said...

What a sweet metaphor about Maddox and Raffie! Nora is doing the exact same thing - throwing her beloved binkies and stuffed animals out of her crib and then crying out when she wants them back. The next time this happens, I will no doubt think of it as a symbol for my walk with Christ and a reminder to keep Him by my side. :)
Thanks for sharing!