Saturday, November 21, 2009

Date Night

This evening I did NOT have to say :
"sweetie, please sit on your bottom"
"no, we do not put food in our nose, food is for our mouths. You can eat it or leave it on your plate"
"no, this is Mommy's drink, your cup is right here....Oh, I'm sorry you would rather have my drink, but your cup is right here...oh look at this fun me how you drink out of YOUR cup."
"sweetie, sit on your bottom....listen and obey or you will have a consequence"
"can you find the letter 'M' on this menu while we wait for our food"
"buckle? Would you like to try to buckle yourself in your highchair again?"
"no, we do not stick our fork in our nose. Your fork is for eating your food."
"no, we do not stick our fork in our ears either. Forks are for eating food only."
"no, you do not stick the spoon in your ears or nose either."
"oh thank you for listening and using your inside voice...that is a very good boy"
"where are your ears? Can you hear what we are asking you to do?"
"That's right, that is Green."
"I know that person is coughing, but it is not nice to mimic other people"
"No, I'm sorry we cannot go outside right now"
"I know you are finished and want to go, but we are not finished until everyone is finished eating"
"no, please don't stick your finger in your nose or, please don't stick your finger in Daddy's ear either"
"Yes, our waiter has a pen in his pocket.....No, it is not YOUR pen"

Thank you mom for watching Maddox this evening so Brad and I could enjoy a fabulous date night!!! Gosh, if you really think about it, dinner this evening was so boring...hahah. Brad, thank you for a wonderful are the best husband and friend I could ever ask for.


Morgan said...

Do you go to Experiance Life church? We are looking for a church to attend once we get to Lubbock and that church is EXACTLY like the one we attend here in Arizona. Funny how God shows us the way huh?

lkalivoda said...

Yes, we go to Experience Life...we love it there; however, we have not been in a while now because i just dont want maddox in the child care area until flu season is behind us! Hopefully we will see you guys there sometime! Good luck with your move and everything!