Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bottoms Up!!

Well today has been a day worth documenting ....Mr. Maddox went poopoo on the potty like a big boy!! I am sorry if that is too much information for some of you, but I had to document the first day that Maddox said he needed to go potty sat on the little potty for a  while and finally did the deed. I am sure he finally went because he wanted an M&M as a reward, but heck whatever works.
I realize we are no where near being potty trained, but I am so proud of our little guy...who reminded me once again today just how big he is becoming!!
Way to go Mr. Maddox....we are so proud!!


Jocelyn said...

Way to go Maddox!!! Mommy could use one less diaper to change ;)

lkalivoda said...

Yes for sure!! Although...I am not one of those mom's that is super eager to get him out of diapers...i really do enjoy the flexibility we have when we arent hunting for a potty ALL the time..hahah!!!