Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Squeakers and 29 Months

Squeak. Baaa. Grunt. These are all sounds frequently made by sweet little Paxton. His most popular nick name in our house is Squeakers.....he certainly squeaks a lot...when he eats...when he is resting...when he stretches...when he is name it...he squeaks squeaks squeaks. It is pretty funny. He also makes a "Baaa" sound like a little sheep....this is Maddox's favorite noise Paxton fact, Maddox will often imitate this voice back to Paxton followed by a good giggle from Mr. Maddox. It is pretty funny to watch them "interact" already!!

On the 8th, Maddox turned 29 months old. He is just growing up so fast and changing so quickly. He is definitely a little boy and has a ton of personality. He is so much fun to watch these days. His imagination is really at work and he can be so creative. The other day he was eating a sandwich, pretzel sticks, carrot sticks and ranch dressing....he dipped his pretzel in ranch and stuck it in his sandwich then started singing "Happy Birthday" and "blew" out his candle (the pretzel dipped in ranch). Hahahha...this boy does love him some birthday candles!!! He is proving to be smarter and smarter everyday. Currently he can tell you that the American flag has 50 stars, 13 stripes and is Red White and Blue. He knows the Texas flag has one star and is the Lone Star State. And he knows that George Washington was the first President.
His current obsession are his Lego's. He loves to build castles, garages, car washes and towers and he is pretty good at it if I do say so myself.
While my hands are more full these days and my patience stretched a little thin at times, this little boy who is turning into such a big boy brings my heart more joy and happiness than I ever knew possible. Mr. Maddox, I hope this 29th month in your life is the best yet!!!

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MaryAnn said...

Oh how I love this little guy