Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo!! Today was the day we were supposed to be induced and meet our little Paxton...instead we are celebrating 15 days with the little guy! I cannot believe that he is already 2 weeks old...and that I have been a mommy to two precious little boys for just over two weeks now....I have!!!
Paxton is doing wonderfully! Eat. Burp. Eat. Poop. Sleep.....repeat! There is our schedule with the little one. He is still a tiny little one, but I can tell he is gradually getting bigger. His newborn clothes and car seat still swallow him whole. He continues to sleep well in his beloved swing as we are still dealing with the spit up, but it seems to be getting better everyday as his little tummy continues to grow!

Maddox has been a lot of fun these past few days. The weather has been beautiful which makes us all feel good. Madd can go outside and play or play inside with mommy and Paxton. We busted out the sidewalk chalk for the first time...we played out in the back yard for a few hours drawing and playing with the chalk, he seemed to really enjoy it. I also braved it and bought him some play dough.....that was a huge HIT!! He has a pair of fake scissors, a rolling pin and cookie cutters that he can use with the play dough and he has a blast playing with those. I have to admit, I really enjoy playing with the play dough as well....I think this will be a regular activity in our house!

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Jocelyn said...

glad to hear things are going well! i love all the pics...but the last one is my fav! SO CUTE!