Wednesday, December 8, 2010

35 Months

Today Mr. Maddox is 35 months old. Is anyone else as shocked as I am that I am one short month away from having a 3 year old little boy. It is fascinating to watch him transform out of toddler hood and into a little boy who loves trains, tricycles and all things that move fast!

My big man!

Maddox helping Mollie get her necklace on

Maddox and Uncle J relaxing on Thanksgiving

Our family on Thanksgiving day

My 3 favorites from my almost 3 year old this month:

Maddox randomly saying "Oh mommy, I love you so so so much"
Watching Maddox "fix" the Scout with Daddy. Gosh this boy loves his tools and helping daddy in the garage!!
Watching Maddox play more with cousin Mollie and baby Paxton. He is so sweet to both of them (unless they are trying to play with something that he wants. Ha). He loves to make Paxton laugh and Paxton lights up like a well lit Christmas tree every time Maddox interacts with him!

Maddox and Mollie this time Last Year!! OH the difference a year makes!!

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