Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Because I don't Want to Forget

This Christmas season Brad and I (along with some people from his office) have the opportunity to help out a family that is struggling and needs help with a few gifts for their kids. The other evening we took to boys and went to look for a couple presents for this 14 year old boy... we did our best to explain to Maddox that we were not looking for ourselves any toys and we were looking for some toys for a boy who does not have a whole lot. I was not sure how much Maddox grasped the concept, but he was a great help in picking out the gifts. However, my heart melted yesterday when Maddox and I carried on the following conversation:

Maddox "Mommy, does that boy not have any toys"
Me "No sweetie, he does not have very many toys. We are going to help him a little and give him a present for Christmas"
Maddox "Mommy, can I give him some of my super cool toys"
Me "Sure sweet boy, what toy do you want to give him??"
Maddox "Maybe my Buzz Light Year gun...he would have FUNNNN with my gun"

(Okay, so his Buzz Light Year gun is his FAVORITE toy right now and I know that this 14 year old boy will not gain near as much excitement from the toy gun, but it sure was the sweetest and kindest thing I have heard from my little man!!)

Throughout the day Maddox would ask questions along the lines of "does he have a bookshelf full of books?" "Maybe I can give him some of my books" SUCH a sweet spirit about him....the conversation did end with "He can have some of my toys, but I will NOT give him an animal" HAHAHA

Maddox and his REALLY REALLY tall tower that he built! (He was very proud of this....I was too)

Thank you little man for showing us that it truly is better to give than receive

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