Friday, December 17, 2010


All Aboard!! Come Join us through our adventure on the Polar Express!!

This past Saturday we had a blast traveling on a train to the North Pole to pick up Santa and a few of his elves. We drank hot chocolate, sang Christmas Carols and laughed at Maddox and Mollie as they enjoyed a ride on the train and one of the little ones enjoyed seeing Santa!

Meeting our train Conductor. Maddox was as fasinated with this nice man as he was with St. Nick himself!

Do you see it Maddox? The train is coming!!

OH!! I see it!!!

CiCi, Granny, me and Maddox waiting to board the magical train

Me and my Big Boy!

Mom and Mollie on the Train

Maddox trying to figure out what is going on!!

Did I mention these two LOVED the train and looking out the window! (We were really close to the North Pole at this point)

Madd hugging on Mollie....she was less than thrilled, but I thought it was precious! He sure does love his little cousin Mollie 

OH BOY....SANTA!!!! Maddox just talks and talks to the big man in red!!

Maddox telling Santa a story about his day..haha. 

Oh poor Mollie. She is NOT a fan of jolly old St. Nick. 

Maddox tried to help her, but she was not at all convinced by Maddox's tactics!!

She was however pleased with her silver bell given that Santa gave her

Just enjoying the ride

Oh we had a wonderful time and loved watching the little ones get excited! I am so thankful we have started this tradition and I look forward to being able to take Paxton with us next year!! Thanks Mom for working so hard to make all of this possible for us to enjoy the Polar Express together!!

   And because I couldn't is Mr. P sporting the Santa hat!!!


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