Tuesday, December 7, 2010


*Warning! Very Random Post!*

Funny conversation with Maddox the other day:

Maddox laughing "Oh Mommy, that is so funny!!!"
Me "What is funny Maddox??"
Maddox "The trees"

Oh the simplicity of childhood. How easily we get in the groove of just going and going and forget to stop and just laugh a little at the trees, or the grass or a random flower or two. I am beyond thankful for the gentle reminders of how amazing our Lord is!!

Another random and common conversation with Maddox:
Maddox "Mommy, why do we have ___________ (insert any body part...nose, eyes, fingers, neck, hand, elbow, bellybutton.....you name it, he has asked why we have it).
Me: Hmmm, I try so hard to find all the reasons for all the specific body parts..its been a lot of fun to try to explain everything to him...and the fun ways to make him laugh. We have necks so that I can tickle him under his chin. We have hands so he can hold my hand. We have lips so I can kiss his cheek. We have feet so we can run and dance...you get the point. It is fascinating to get a chance to see his little mind ALWAYS at work.

OH Mr. Paxton. You sir are giving me a run for my money this week and I definitely think I am past due for a raise..hahah. Seriously though, you my friend have got to get to a point where you are okay to be sat down without ME holding you for at least 5 minutes during the day. On a positive note, I am getting one really strong arm and my back has got to be getting stronger everyday from carrying him around ALL day long. Ha.
You can tell Maddox has been watching me carry Paxton around in the front infant carrier, because the other day Maddox stuffed Raffie in his shirt and just Raffie's head popping out the neck of his shirt. Maddox then went on to say "This is MY baby Raffie...I will take care of him" Such a sweet little boy!!
Paxton has been doing really well, although this week he has been a little cranky and more needy than usual (teething perhaps) and he is getting closer and closer to crawling....eek...oh the adventure we are about to have with a mobile infant and an active big guy!!!

We are gearing up for 3 weeks of Christmas, and we are super excited!!! We are starting the celebration off by taking the big kids (Maddox and cousin Mollie) on the Polar Express on Saturday (Paxton will stay with daddy). Then we will do our family Christmas celebration with my Mom, Paul, Carol and Granny on Sunday. Then next weekend we will celebrate with my Dad and Kelly. Then the next week we are off to Oklahoma for more celebrating with Brad's family!! Things are about to get a bit busy but oh so exciting!!

On a completely different note, today I found out that Maddox's teacher will not be returning after Christmas break, and I am so sad for Maddox. He has grown to love Ms Syndy and she has done an amazing job helping Maddox adjust to a school type environment. Please pray for a smooth transition and that Maddox will love his new teacher just as much!!

Well, there, how is that for a very random post!! Have a blessed day!!

Maddox 6 Months

Paxton 6 Months

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