Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! We had a great time in Oklahoma City visiting Brad's family....the boys were loved and spoiled by everyone there and we simply had a blessed time being surrounded by those we love! Santa brought Maddox a bike and he thinks it is pretty awesome (Aunt Kim and Austin bought him a bike as well so it can stay in Oklahoma for when he thoughtful of them!!)
Mr. Paxton, however, welcomed Christmas morning with a raspy sounding cough and although he acted like he felt fine he continued to sound worse and worse throughout Christmas day and woke Sunday morning sounding like a barking seal. He was so raspy and having difficulty breathing. We debated and debated on taking him to the emergency room once we arrived home, we opted to just keep him comfortable and resting as long as he would and wait to take him to the doctor first thing Monday morning (we did not want him to catch anything worse while we waited in the ER). He did fine throughout the night and we visited the Doctor this morning. Sure enough, the little guy has croup. He was given a steroid shot and a high dose breathing treatment while we were in the office and this evening he has done much better. He still sounds like a freight train when he tries to "talk" because his vocal cords are so swollen, but he is not struggling to breathe at all. We are so thankful he is doing better so quickly!
Sheesh, nothing says "Welcome Home from your nice family Christmas vacation" like a super sick child who can't breathe!!

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