Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy First Birthday P

Happy Birthday P, P-Nut, PaxMax, P-Diddy, HotRod, Little P,  Paxton James Kalivoda! How is it possible that a year has already come and gone with you as a part of our family?! I cannot imagine our lives without you in it, and we are beyond blessed to have the honor of being your parents. You are the sweetest little guy with a BIG personality that we are gradually getting to see more and more of as you get older and more "communicative"
What are you up to these days Mr. Paxton?
Weight: 23 pounds
Size 4 diapers
Size 12-18 month clothes
Crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything.
You will walk while holding onto a piece of furniture, but I do not see you taking any unassisted steps anytime soon (I am in no rush for you to be fully mobile and running circles around me)
You still only have 2 bottom teeth and are working on ALL the rest of them. Your poor mouth is constantly swollen and a puddle of drool accompanies you at all times. I may have felt the top two teeth poking through today, but I'm not positive.
You are finally taking a little of your milk from a sippy cup...hopefully we can get rid of the bottle very soon.
We were able to say so long to your liquid gold formula and you have taken to whole milk like a champ. It has not bothered your tummy at all!! Yippee
You love to throw things and you have a pretty good arm on ya.
Your favorite toys are any toys that are in your brothers room; although his work bench and a bolt are by far your favorite things to play with.
You are such a sweet little guy when you want to be, and you are not a fan of strangers or loud noises

Paxton James. Our lives have been forever changed because of your amazing presence in our family. We love you more and more everyday. This first year has been amazing and we are so blessed to have you as our youngest little Voda!! I am so excited to watch your relationship with your brother grow stronger as you guys learn to play together. I pray you and Maddox have an unbreakable friendship that grows throughout the years. I pray you come to know the Lord, Jesus as your Lord and Savior at a very early age and surrender your life to loving and serving Him. I pray you show compassion and respect to everyone you encounter. I pray you grow strong, smart and healthy. I pray you change the world. Oh sweet Paxton, I pray you become the man the Lord created you to be.
We love you little man!! Happy first Birthday!!!

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Morgan said...

Happy Birthday Paxton! Hopfully you and Kimber can be classmates and great friends :)