Sunday, April 17, 2011

Picture Perfect

When I found out we were pregnant with our first little boy over 3 years ago, as soon as the little "boy parts" were pointed out on the black and white screen during our 18 week sonogram, a simple yet very vivid image immediately filled my mind. I saw a small, blond haired preschool aged boy sitting at our dinner table, wearing a super hero cape and simply enjoying being a BOY.
This evening, that once day dream vision became a reality as I sat at the dinner table enjoying a family meal with my 3 boys, laughing at our eldest, blonde haired preschool aged little boy eating his meal while wearing his RED Super Man Cape!! I had not invisioned that daydream since that day more than 3 years ago, but as I sat there listening to Maddox talk and talk and talk, the exact image came flooding was perfect. This life perfect. While some days are more than challenging, this is exactly what the Lord had planned for me and HE reassured me that HE is in control by allowing a simple daydream to be preformed picture perfectly right in front of my eyes!

While I was too much in awe of what the Lord was showing me at dinner tonight, I did not take any pictures of him eating in his cape, but here are a few of the Super Hero playing a race car game with Daddy!!

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Jocelyn said...

LOVE it! God is great and you have such a sweet family :)