Saturday, April 16, 2011

I saw the Sign

Paxton is finally picking up on sign language a little bit....he has learned to sign "more" (he usually just kind of claps, but he gets the point; however, he does not do this very often and usually just grunts and gets fussy...oh so frustrating for he and I) and he signs for "finished". Paxton has gotten really good at signing "finished". It is great that he is finally able to communicate with us, and we are able to provide what he is needing/wanting a lot easier this way. However, sometimes it doesn't always work to OUR advantage. I just walked into his room during nap time to tell him to lay down in his crib for nap time and he just looked up at me and signed "finished". Hahha...well, sorry little man, you haven't even taken a nap, you are most certainly not finished with your nap today!!!

Can any of you believe this little man is going to be a year old this week!?!? Crazy!

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