Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Old, Like Daddy"

Well, I have mentioned previously about how trying the 3s are in our household. I read somewhere, that the 3s are so much harder because they are not only exhausting physically (with all the "busy" work that comes with taking care of a newborn) they are also exhausting emotionally and mentally. I agree with that statement completely; however, I am also learning that the 3s can be very entertaining as well. Watching Maddox take in the world around him with logic and more understanding is absolutely mind blowing and very fun to watch.
Currently, Maddox is desperately trying to grow up and become "old, like Daddy!!" (Maddox's words).
In fact, while driving home from school today, Maddox stated "Mom, I need you to pack my bag because I am going hunting tomorrow. It's okay Mommy, I always come back. Don't be sad."
Hahhahha....well, okay. I guess my 3 year old is going hunting. I asked him what he was going to hunt and he was not exactly sure, but he did inform me that when Paxton gets "his old", he could go hunting too.  I was then informed that when Maddox is "old, like Daddy" then he will be able to go hunting, drive a race car and fly a helicopter.
Don't grow up too fast on me little man. Take your time, soon enough you will be "old, like Daddy" but for now lets just enjoy being 3 and viewing the world as an innocent 3 year old.

It is crazy to listen to a small, but very intelligent little boy dream about all the things he can do when he gets older. I love to watch him grow up, but I try so desperately to encourage him to stay little as long as he can.
I often wonder if this is how God feels about us sometimes. We are so eager to get to that next step in life, to get "old like Daddy" and experience new and different things...accomplish more and receive more privileges. I wonder if God says to us "Slow down my sweet child. You will get there soon enough. Take your time and enjoy what is in front of you....I will guide you, but be patient and enjoy the life I have laid out before you."

This evening, my goal is simple. I am going to enjoy the life in front of me. I am going to embrace the 3s and the challenges with a non verbal yet opinionated almost one year old and I will love the here and now without wishing away this very fulfilling life in front of me!

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Dustin & Kate said...

I love this post! It was such an encouragement to me right now! I am really struggling in the midst of the exhaustion that comes from parenting an almost three-year-old and a four-month-old. But you reminded me to try to cherish all the sweet moments (and there ARE lots of sweet moments...even in the midst of the hard moments) that each day brings. Thanks! :)