Thursday, February 28, 2013

8 Months

Harper Grace, you are 8 months old (well, I'm not positive when exactly to consider you 8 months old considering February does not have 29 days in it, so we will just go with today being your 8 month birthday). Any who, I say this every month, but our lives are so much sweeter with you in it! You, my love, are such a sweet, precious, go with the flow baby!
What are you up to at 8 months old?
Weight: 17 pounds
Wearing size 6-9 months clothes
Size 2 diaper (although we will not purchase any more of those, your chubby little thighs suggest we should bump you up to a size 3. I desperately don't want to move you up in diapers though because you will no longer need the "baby" swaddler diapers and now you will be in the Pampers Cruisers. Prepping us for you to be cruising around. NO!! I want to keep you my sweet itty bitty baby for so much longer)
You eat 4 or 5 seven ounce bottles a day along with 1 or 2 meals of solids
You are now on the similac sensitive formula and you haven't skipped a beat
You had ANOTHER ear infection and just got off your antibiotics. Sheesh, you are only off your antibiotics for a few days before you get another ear infection. I will take you back to the doctor next week to make sure all the fluid is in fact draining off your ear. They won't suggest tubes for your ears until it is summer time. The weather is just too crazy and any type of cold can make you get an ear infection, there just isn't any where for all those fluids to go
You are easily sitting up all by yourself and you love to sit and play with your toys.
You have started getting frustrated when I have to take something away from you. You chomp your gums together and make a fist with your hands and start to shake your head a little. It is SO funny (I am certain it will not be funny in a few months)
You are finally a wonderful little sleeper. You go to bed between 7 and 8 and you often sleep until about 9am (if we are able to stay at home....most mornings I am getting you up so we can take your brothers to school)
When you wake up in the mornings or after a nap you lay in your bed "talking" until I come and get you and you smile at me with the biggest ear to ear smile! Such a major difference from your brothers.
You are starting to get a little vocal and the sweet, girly sounds that I hear from you brighten my day. Such a sweet little voice you have

Oh sweet Harper Grace, we love you so so much!!

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