Monday, February 18, 2013


Happy Valentine's Day!! This little angle baby showed me some love this week by FINALLY sleeping through the night! Yippee! We are on night number 5 of 12+ hours or peaceful sleeping!! Thanks Harper Grace for giving mommy the best Valentine's Day present ever!!

One super cute story I have to share, after I gave to boys their Valentine's Day presents (a new puzzle and a soccer ball), Maddox took his gift bag and headed to his room. He then came to me with the same gift bag and he had put a picture of me and Brad and a set of spare keys in this bag. He told me it was my Valentine's gift from him!! So precious. He knew the day was about showing love to those we love. So precious. He said "well, Mommy, you gave me a gift, I had to give you one too."
Such a sweet sweet boy!!

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