Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A whole lot of random! Today was a pajama day for my crew. I have a ton of house work to catch up on and the kiddos enjoyed playing and relaxing today!

These two are so fun together! 

Sweet Paxton watching his letter sounds DVD 

My view for the day. Can you believe the boys played together for a good while with NO fighting!! And Harper played with her toys while I folded laundry!

When the boys play well together, they are amazing! Oh my goodness, step back when they start arguing. EEK. So thankful for times like these when they giggle, play, laugh and play together!!

So, to add to the randomness, Harper is getting too big. We had to bump her up a size in her jammies and now she has the little grippers on the bottom of her footed jammies. It makes me so sad because I realize we will soon need those little grippers on her jammies because she will be standing, walking and cruising along. I am so sad for my baby girl to get too big too fast. She is such the sweetest and easiest baby and I don't want to take a minute of it for granted.

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