Sunday, February 3, 2013

In Abundance

I am not sure my writing will do justice to what I wish to express on this blog today! I am full of JOY. PEACE overwhelms my soul and I am in awe of the hand of our Lord and Savior. Brad and I tried a new church today. It has been far too long since we've been to church. We had a list of excuses not to would get sick, Paxton was so shy and terrified of the nursery, we didn't feel like we really found a place we fit in....excuses, excuses. Yes, some are valid, but just an easy way to keep us from going. Well, last night we decided we would go. All throughout the night I prayed for an easy morning getting everyone up and ready. I prayed over Paxton. I prayed he would have confidence and absolutely no anxiety about going to his big boy class. I prayed that Maddox would like his class as well. I prayed over the kids health. I prayed for a good experience for Brad and I.
I am embarrassed at the simple fact that I just don't pray specifically nearly enough!! God answered every single one of my prayers in abundance! The morning started off a little later than I anticipated, but we just rearranged and went to the later service time. This provided enough time to go get pancakes. Yummy.
We arrived at the church and Paxton was so eager to go to his class. We waited for our time to enter into the children's area and Paxton just took off. Ran to find something to play with and never looked back! Maddox of course was chatting it up with some boys he knew from school and was excited to go to his class as well! Brad and I took Harper with us to the service and she was an absolute doll!
The service was great. Harper was fantastic. There is no greater joy in my soul than singing and worshiping our Lord while holding my youngest, our baby girl, in my arms with  my amazing husband at my side and our two boys playing and learning about their Savior! I cherished every second singing praise songs softly in the ear of Harper Grace. I soaked up the sermon while looking down at my sleeping baby girl in my arms!
The best part was when we went to pick up the kids. Maddox came running out saying "Oh mom, I LOVE it here." Then the girl at the door said "Oh my goodness, Paxton had a GREAT day today. He played and sang songs and danced. He really had a wonderful time!" My jaw dropped as I heard these fantastic words about our unsocial, shy and anxious littlest boy. I expressed that he was super shy and she said "I would have never guessed that....he was so fun and had a great time."
I get teary as I write this out. The Lord heard and answered my prayer in abundance. I am in awe. I am thankful.

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