Wednesday, May 29, 2013

11 Months

Harper Grace, my darling little girl, you are 11 months old today. How is it possible that this time next month we will be celebrating your first birthday? You are getting so big and more and more if your personality is starting to shine through. You are a sweet, easy going, busy and into everything little girl. What exactly are you up to these days Harpoo?

-weigh 21 pounds
-wear size 3 diapers
-size 12 month clothes
-size 2 or 3 shoe
-you sleep from 7:30pm-8:30am with one long afternoon nap and a couple cat naps here and there
-drinking four 8oz bottles of Similac Sensitive formula and finger foods
-you love meat. Chicken, turkey, sausage you prefer meat over fruits and veggies
-you learned how to efficiently drink from a sippy cup with a straw and you drink at least 2 of your "bottles" from your cup.
-you recently discovered baby dolls and you LOVE them. You get so excite when you see a baby doll and you squeal with excitement as you not so gently "love" on the baby
-you are obsessed with shoes. You want to chew on any shoe left on the ground and you even attempt to find a way to chew on someone's shoe while it is on their foot. Yuck-o sister. That is nasty!
-you are crawling all over the place and are into everything. You pull up on anything and everything but you have yet to start cruising around.
-you have recently started fussing when getting your diaper changed or changing clothes my ours just too busy to be held down for that long
-you love to climb on anyone who is sitting down on the ground with you

Oh Harper, you are such a joy and a blessing to us. We love you to the moon and back!!

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Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, already?? No! I love that in the first picture her bow is so big it doesn't even look like its attached to her head! My kinda girl!! ;)