Friday, May 17, 2013

Getting Big

Geeze, my baby girl is getting so big. I snapped the first picture below, days after she came home from the hospital. I believe she was only 4 days hold here. She was so tiny.  Then I snapped this bottom picture today after a diaper change, as I remembered her wearing this same outfit as a newborn. It's a funny story, I texted the top picture to my friend Sarah to show her how tiny Harper looked on the changing table. Sarah laughed and sent me back a text of her Mallory wearing the exact same outfit that day. Hahah, she and I are so alike it's scary. And now, Harper Grace is as big as Mallory Grace was when Harper was born. So, when I put Harper in Mallory's outfit this afternoon, I had to capture another picture to compare how big she has gotten over the past 10.5 months.

My, oh my, slow down Harper Grace. You are getting too big too fast for this mama. I need more time with you as my itty bitty baby!!

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