Sunday, May 19, 2013

Buy Her a Pony

Harper Grace likes the computer cord. She likes to chew on said computer cord. Harper Grace gets told "No, No.. do not put that computer cord in your mouth" and this is the reaction I receive in return:

It is the saddest, most heart breaking, crocodile tear and lip stuck out so far a bird could land on it cry that at first just makes me giggle at the over dramatic take from our precious little girl and then my emotions quickly change to "oh my mercy, please help this poor innocent soul. Make it better. Let's hug her tight and buy her a pony or something" (yes, I am aware that we are in big trouble with this one..ha)

Well, it looks as though her big brothers have come to her rescue and they found her a pony. Whew, thank goodness, that pouty lip was really starting to get to me.

It looks like the boys are having a wonderful time at the farm with Grandmom and Grand dad. They took them to see some baby colts at Grandmom's Aunt's house. And here we thought Harper Grace was the one being spoiled rotten. Ha. I am so thankful that the boys get this time with their grandparents. I only wish we could make it happen more often!

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