Friday, September 19, 2014

A Gift

Tonight, as we were driving home, Paxton says "momma, we didn't save ourselves." (Insert momma moment of racing a thousand things through my brain attempting to figure out what exactly he is talking about). He helped me out and finished by saying "it is a gift from God. Ephesians 2:8"
(Insert jaw drop)
Yes buddy! That is absolutely right. It is the most precious gift from God. (I love that he picked up the concept of that Bible verse, and I was shocked when he said the chapter and verse from the Bible)
I'm blown away at the amazing things he is learning at school. Not only is he learning his ABCs and 123s, how to adjust to more people around and learning the structure of school, but the love of The Lord is being poured over him every single day! I love this so very much. 

What a precious reminder from my little man. "WE did NOT save ourselves..." No matter how good we are, how kind we are, how much we love others....or to the other matter how many mistakes we make...."we did not save was a GIFT". We don't earn it, we were given it!
Thank you Paxton for such a precious reminder of the Love of our Savior!!!!

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