Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I'm pleased to report that miss Harper had a great day at Mother's Day out today! She cried when I left, recovered quickly and had a fantastic time painting, using glue and making a sweet friend. Her teacher said that Harper and this other super sweet little girl were the only two that didn't nap, and they kept sitting up to look at eachother, by the end of nap time they were sitting close together "whispering" to each other. How cute is that!?!
We even went to church this evening for Awanas...the kids Wednesday night program (which, by the way, Maddox thought was "iguanas" hahaha) and although she was not happy that I left her for her class, her teachers said she did great. She settled quickly and had a great time playing!!! Whew. So thankful she is getting the hang of things. She was such a happy and energetic girl this evening when I picked her up from class. Makes my heart happy!!!

And, because this is too funny not to post on here....there are just some battles not worth fighting....such as, your exhausted two year old refusing to take off her backpack in order to go to bed:

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