Friday, July 23, 2010

Little Genius

So as most of you already know....our sweet little Maddox is a GENIUS!!! Seriously, he is so so smart and blows my mind every single day. This morning the boys and I had to go to the eye doctor to get my crazy eyes checked again. Maddox was a super little guy, sat in his chair, ate his yummy fruit loops and watched as the doctor checked my eyes. I sat in the chair, read the letters that I could see and the nurse was finished with me for a few minutes. The eye chart was still up (and it was backwards where Maddox was looking because it reflects off the mirror for me to read back to the doctor...does that make any sense). Well, I climbed out of the chair to go place the pacifier back in Paxton's little mouth...Maddox sweetly looked at me and looked at the letters (that are backwards to his little eyes)...the big E was showing and was partially covered up....he confidently stated "Look Mommy, there is an 'F' upside down" (from what the little guy was seeing it was most definitely an 'F' upside down).
My jaw dropped and I laughed out loud at my little genius!!! Not only does the little man know his letters well enough to know what an 'F' looks like but he can see it upside down and realize it is still an 'F'
Way to go our little genius!!

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