Thursday, July 1, 2010


 The boys  are already proving to be VERY different in most areas!! Their personalities are VERY different and were that way even in the womb. Maddox was super active ALL the time, kicking, squirming never being still. The sonographer would laugh when preforming the sonogram of Maddox because he would flip and flop and kick and move all over the place. Paxton on the other hand was not nearly as active and enjoyed snuggling the placenta in the womb. There were several times that I was concerned that something was wrong with Paxton because he could go several hours without giving me a good kick or flip in utero. During his sonograms the technician would often have to poke my belly pretty hard to try to make Paxton roll over so she could get a good look at his heart or other organs. Maddox was never a fan of being held for any length of time and definitely did not like to cuddle. Paxton will let you hold him all day if you could. Maddox had super strong leg muscles immediately at birth (he got great work outs in my belly) and he LOVED to jump as early as one month old. He would put all his weight on his legs and jump as long as someone would hold him. Paxton prefers to keep his legs tucked under him for the most part and we have to encourage him to put weight on his sweet little legs. Maddox had horrible tummy problems due to his lactose intolerance/milk allergy and thrived on Soy formula. Paxton gets a super bad tummy ache when given Soy formula. Maddox HATED to be swaddled (and still does not sleep with any covers on him...he does not like the feeling of being tied down) Paxton can only sleep if he is swaddled. Maddox was the serious type, always observing his surroundings and rarely talking or cooing or even smiling, he was just too serious for all of that! Paxton grins and talks pretty regularly and will even stop eating to give you a huge gummy grin (Maddox was WAY too in to his food to stop for a silly ol smile :) ).. 
The boys are very different on many levels, but they both stole my heart and bless our family on a daily basis!

While there personalities are already very different, I can't help but notice some amazing similarities in their appearances from time to time. Here are a couple examples:

The first picture is Maddox followed by a picture of Paxton.

Here are the precious gummy grins from the boys (I remember singing and working really hard to get this picture of the serious Maddox smiling for the camera and I caught the picture of Paxton when he was just chillin in the car seat..hahah)

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