Saturday, October 9, 2010

33 Months.....Seriously??

Goodness Gracious Mr. Maddox you are growing up WAY to quickly. Yesterday you turned 33 months old...can it even be possible that I am 3 short months away from having a 3 year old. Wow! You are really a lot of fun these days. You constantly keep me on my toes and you make me laugh and smile at all your funny comments, questions and speculations. I love to sit back and watch your little mind work work work. You seriously are the smartest little guy I know and you ask me so many questions throughout the day on how things work, why things work and why we need them in our be honest, there are many of your questions that make me stop, think, and discover this world around me as well. You have been so sweet and have been giving the best hugs EVER! You run up to one of us and throw your entire body at us and wrap your sweet little arms tightly around us and even give a kiss on the cheek every now and then!! Such a sweet boy. You are doing really well at school and your teacher says you have the best manners and listen really well.

While you were in Oklahoma you picked up some deep southern twang and it cracks me up!!! (Well, we are going to blame it on your trip to Oklahoma since that is when you started talking that way, because it most certainly could NOT come from ME your mother with her own Texas twang...on no, most certainly NOT!! ha ha)

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LovelyLadyCakes said...

darling twang!! omg 3 more months and he will be 3!!!! I can't even believe it. "Say whats your name" xoxoxo