Friday, October 22, 2010

He Got me Thinking

Tonight I was reminding Maddox that we do not shoot people (me in this particular moment) with toy or pretend guns.....with his big brown eyes expressing a very confused look, he simply responded "but YOU'RE not're Mommy"

This simple statement started me thinking. My identity as I once knew it is no longer present or relevant....I am a mommy through and through...and this new identity is perfect for me. Sure, my purse is filled with Hot Wheel Cars, crayons and a burp rag. My clothes usually smell of spit up. My house looks like a mild tornado ran through it. I am not promised a shower everyday. I know more Barney songs than anyone should ever have to know. BUT I would not have it any other way. I am a mommy. I get to love on, pray for, hug, kiss, teach and play with two of the most adorable little boys. SO, I will gladly replace my lipstick with Hot Wheel Cars and my nice smelling perfume with the "lovely" smell my 6 month old decides to leave behind on my shirt sleeve. I will replace my gym going days with days with carrying a baby on my hip and chasing after an almost 3 year old. I will find joy in the clutter and mess that fills the floors, counter tops and every square inch of our house because I know the boys had a great time playing, learning and being creative. I will walk tall because now I know I am no longer a person, I am in fact a Mommy!!! 

Love that God chose me to be these guy's Mommy!

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