Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hi There

Hi there, Maddox here and I am too cool for school!!

OH this boy keeps me on my toes and I am loving this age right now. He is mildly independent but still wants me around most of the time. He can put his shoes and backpack on by himself and he is learning how to get his pants off and back on after he goes potty (it gets tricky with pants that zip and snap). He has been so loving towards me lately and he will just sit beside me and rub my arm or pat my back and even give me kisses. He is learning he does NOT like to get in trouble or for me to have to get on to him...those big brown eyes just get so sad when he knows he is in trouble. After a time out I talk to him and make sure he knows why he was in time out and then I say "Okay, now, its over, lets go have fun" He really likes it when he knows the "talking to" is OVER and now he will ask after he gets in trouble "Mommy, is it over" (spoken in the sweetest little boy voice). I am really thankful he is learning that making wrong choices is not fun and doing what he is asked is MUCH MUCH better!! He loves loves loves Paxton and tries so hard to make him smile/laugh and he is just so sweet to him. Yesterday the 3 of us were in Maddox's room watching a movie and Paxton started fussing a little so Maddox got Raffie and said "Here you go Big guy, this will help you" WOW, that amazes me because Raffie is his most prized sweet to look after his brother! I just want to bottle this time up and never forget how much he loves me, wants to be around me, wants to help me, wants to make me laugh, loves to sing silly songs with me and just wants to be my friend. I know it won't be too long from now when he will be too cool for me, so for now I am soaking up this wonderful stage with my amazing BIG guy!!

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