Monday, October 18, 2010

Girls Trip

Relaxed. Refreshed. Renewed.
This weekend I had the amazing privilege to take a girls trip to San Antonio with my best friend Sarah. Oh we had a wonderful time. This girl just "gets" me and we have so much fun together...we share our stories, our lives and our dreams of the future together. She motivates me spiritually. She encourages me when I need it, and she loves my family as though we were her own. Thank you Sarah for an amazing weekend.
We stayed in a wonderful hotel on the River was very convenient for us..we didn't have to drive and could simply walk to all the fun places on the River. We ate yummy food. Had delicious beverages. Shopped shopped shopped. Saw a girly movie and just enjoyed being care-free and girly!!

I need to give "mad props" to my amazing husband for manning the fort this weekend!! Thank you Brad. You did an amazing job with the boys and I can tell that Maddox had a blast with you! Thank you for allowing this time for me and for being so gracious about it!! I love you so much!! (You are fantastic)

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