Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Meet Scout

This past weekend, Brad drove to Dallas to pick up the newest member of our family! So far this new addition has brought a lot of excitement to our eldest child (and his daddy if I'm being totally honest) and the neighbors think that "it" is pretty awesome as well!! I believe this new member of the family is roughly 35 years old and needs a little tender loving care, but overall he was very well taken care of and in good condition! Without further ado, meet Scout:

 1975 International Harvester Scout-one of the first production American civilian off road sport utility vehicles

 As you can see in these pictures, Maddox LOVES Scout! He was able to "drive" Scout around the block, help daddy check the tire pressure, use the air hose to air up the tires and clean out some dirt trapped under the hood and talk about a hundred miles an hour about how much fun he was having with his daddy!(since I'm all about being honest, I will tell you the truth. I was not very excited about our new family memeber, you see a car is simply a car in my book. I know that Brad loves cars and I try to be supportive of him, but its just not something that strikes my fancy. However, when I walked outside and saw Maddox sitting in that drivers seat with a smile that can take your breathe away, I knew in that moment that this was a perfect investment for our family. What an amazing bonding time for Brad and his boys!!)

Paxton joined in the fun as well, but he and I stayed inside the garage most of the time as he showed his enthusiasm by jumping away in his little jumper-roo!

We are look forward to the fun adventures and the unknown journeys we will take with Scout


Alexanders said...

That is really awesome that y'al got a Scout. I pretty much spent half my teen/college years trying to convince my dad to get me a scout but he never liked the idea of me trying to drive 450 miles back and forth from A&M with a car made in the 70's. Aww but I would love one!!

Jocelyn said...

philip has a 1968 ford bronco. it lives in our garage, but he swears it will be a occasional driver soon. i agree with you about cars, but I also know (like you said) that Levi and him will have some memories in that little suv. I will have to tell philip about the scout...i know he thinks they are cool too :)