Friday, January 4, 2013


We had the amazing opportunity to celebrate Christmas 4 times this year!! We started the festivities with breakfast, amazing presents and great company at my dads!!! The following day we had a wonderful lunch, we spoiled with more gifts and amazing company at my moms. Then we loaded up and travelled to Oklahoma City to visit Brad's family. Unfortunately we had to pack up and leave a couple days early because there was a nasty snow storm heading that way. While we were sad to leave early, it was nice to travel on dry roads rather than on ice and snow! We then celebrated on Christmas day with our little family of 5 and later that evening with Aunt Kim and Uncle Austin!! It was such an amazing Christmas with our families!!

boys playing with new dress up clothes from pop-pop and nanny

sweet silly girl celebrating her first Christmas

Harp and Madd playing with the new Hulk hands. Harper is learning to embrace the boy world she is surrounded by

With the added days in Lubbock with Brad home, I decide to tackle the task of potty training Paxton. I was super worried with how stubborn he is that he would be super difficult to train; however, he has blown us all away and is doing fantastic. He had two small accidents on the first day and one random accident at my mom's house (he was busy playing on the Ipad and didn't bother to tell anyone he needed to go...ha). Since that accident on day 4, he hasn't had another accident! SO proud of my little man!!
Even Hulk has to learn to go potty like a big boy

I also had to stop swaddling Harper and transitioned her to full time crib sleeping. She kept rolling in her sleep while she was swaddled and it was just too dangerous. This transition has not been an easy one. She continues to roll over to her tummy and she gets SO mad; however, she is making wonderful progress and I would say by this time next week she should be a pro. (I'm really hoping it only takes a couple more nights...I am exhausted..ha).
cute tummy time! Not so cute all night long

We also started Harper on solids. So far she is not a huge fan but she is making progress every time we try. I am making all of her food and I love that I am able to do that for her! I have a handy steamer that is making everything super easy. I can cook a weeks worth of carrots in 13 minutes and a full sweet potato in 10 minutes! Fantastic.
at first she like the carrots, but the next day she cried when I tried to feed her. 

We are also preparing to celebrate Maddox's 5th is that even possible that he is about to turn 5 years old. Eeek, this big milestone makes my heart sink, but I am so thankful for a healthy, happy, spunky, soon to be 5 year old boy!

Busy busy busy to say the least. Lots of transitions, traveling, and trying new things. I am tired, but thankful for these three blessings to love on everyday.

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