Saturday, January 26, 2013

Movie Night

This week was a rough one. The boys were recovering from not feeling great, they started back to school, Harper has RSV and is receiving around the clock breathing treatments, thus she is not sleeping, not eating and just plain miserable.  My patience has been embarrassingly thin as I tend to my exceptionally cranky kiddos. I decided we needed a family fun night. We decided to pick up pizza, pop some pop corn (with added M&Ms of course) and watch a movie down in the basement! The boys were super excited and it was a wonderful, family fun evening that we all needed!!
Oh my goodness, let me just add her, that it is nearly impossible for me to capture a picture of the boys when they are wearing their shirts! These kids ALWAYS want their shirts off. I feel like I am raising a couple hillbillies!!! Ha.

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